A Dutch thesaurus in vim

The wonderful thesaurus option in vim can be quite handy when writing in vim on a daily basis. As I often write in Dutch, here are the instructions to work with a Dutch thesaurus.

Fetching the thesaurus file

Download the plain text thesaurus from OpenTaal.org and unzip it to a location in your vim folder. In the code below, we’re just placing the file in the vim root, but you can adjust this to your own taste, of course.

wget $DOMAIN/$PATH -O /tmp/thesaurus.txt.gz;
zcat /tmp/thesaurus.txt.gz > ~/.vim/thesaurus.txt;
rm -f /tmp/thesaurus.txt.gz;

Configuring vim

Add the following line in your .vimrc, and reload the config using :so ~/.vimrc. When working in insert mode, you now can use Ctrl-x Ctrl-t to show a list of synonyms of the word under the current cursor position.

set thesaurus+=~/.vim/thesaurus.txt